Official website of the City of San Antonio
Official website of the City of San Antonio
Saturday, April 17, 2021


Posted: Nov 25, 2020

Pedal-pushers have an impact on San Antonio (Make your mark, too!)

Learn to discover, dedicate, or even influence your community by mounting a bike and exploring your San Antonio!
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Posted: Oct 20, 2020

The ‘Trick-Or-Treat’ of a Coronavirus Halloween

Halloween has its special challenges in the aftermath of a pandemic, and we've learned some interesting facts about car crashes during COVID-19.

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Posted: Sep 18, 2020

It's Time for Micromobility, San Antonio!

With more than 4,161 miles of streets, it's time to talk "Micromobility." What's that, you ask? It means creating more infrastructure to handle an increase in pedestrians, bicycles, e-bikes, e-scooters – basically anything that isn't a car.
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Posted: Aug 3, 2020

Smart Stop Signs: Can they help reduce crashes?

UTSA College of Engineering is experimenting with a self-powered, smart detection and warning system to increase safety, reduce the number of crashes and fatalities and decrease economic loss.
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