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Official website of the City of San Antonio
Sunday, November 29, 2020

Vision Zero & You

Get Involved and Make a Difference

Recent efforts have emphasized our commitment to the community through strengthened programs and implementation. The key to success in achieving Vision Zero is a combined approach that involves the entire community and uses the five essential elements for a safe transportation system:

  1. Education- Communicate the importance of safety for all on our roads, whether a person is driving, bicycling, walking or riding.
  2. Encouragement- Encourage all to practice safety and follow all traffic laws.
  3. Engineering- Construct improvements to enhance safety and accessibility on our roads.
  4. Enforcement- Enforce traffic safety and continue to support safety initiatives such as Click It or Ticket It, Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving, and Distracted Driving.
  5. Evaluation- Evaluate traffic safety efforts and implement improvements as needed.

Below are ways that you can be a part of the Vision Zero movement:

  • Become a Vision Zero partner as an individual or as an organization
  • Support and volunteer with Vision Zero partner agencies
  • Take the Vision Zero Safety Pledge
  • Advocate for traffic safety for all road users
  • Participate in community dialogue regarding traffic safety
  • Utilize the City’s 311 system to report safety issues or concerns
  • Request a Vision Zero presentation or training
  • Organize a walk or bike audit of area infrastructure
  • Implement a mini-Siclovia or open streets event in your neighborhood
  • Decorate and place a yard sign in front of your home

During the year there are a number of ways to volunteer with Vision Zero and Public Works.


During the year there are opportunities for you to volunteer. Please fill out this volunteer form to be added to our list for outreach.

Safety Pledge

Show your support for Vision Zero! Sign and Share the Vision Zero Safety Pledge.

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Whether you are driving, biking or walking you can make a difference.

Obey speed limits and signs

Slow down

Look for people biking and walking

Keep your eyes on the road

Don't text and drive

Make sure every passenger is buckled up every time

Don't drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Pay attention to the traffic around you - this includes both people driving and people walking

Watch for turning vehicles

Obey traffic laws

Bike in the same direction as traffic

Be visible by wearing bright or reflective clothing

Outfit your bike with the required lights and reflectors

Pay attention to the traffic around you - this includes both people driving and people biking

Watch for turning vehicles and people biking

Obey traffic laws

Cross at a marked crosswalk whenever possible

Whenever possible, wear bright or reflective clothing, as well as carry a light when it's dark out


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