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Thursday, October 29, 2020


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It's Time for Micromobility, San Antonio!

Published on Friday, September 18, 2020

It's Time for Micromobility, San Antonio!

Did you know that within the City of San Antonio, there are over 4,161 miles of streets? Add to that markings, signage, and intersections and the amount of infrastructure in place is mind boggling. And now, we're adding more micromobility infrastructure to handle more pedestrians, bicycles, e-bikes, e-scooters – basically anything that isn't a car.

While I've been working with the Transportation Planning team on our vast network, I've seen good and bad examples of bicycle and pedestrian etiquette. The things I remember most are the near misses and crashes that occur before my very eyes every day. We've all seen the rogue crosswalk crosser, the wrong way bicyclists, and the cars that act like there are no other road users,  but we seldom stop to wonder why people make the choices they do… and how design and engineering can help people make better choices. Adding a bike lane with appropriate signage or creating more convenient light timings can make the difference between an enjoyable trip or a harrowing, dangerous game of leapfrog.

 Even though I love exploring San Antonio and coming up with solutions to improve our streets, I need your help to make our streets even better than I can imagine! My team at Public Works needs the people who use our roadways every day to express their challenges and frustrations, so I can amplify those voices and use my knowledge of best practices to put together proposals that are feasible, fundable, and usable. A successful plan is not measured by the number of pages or hopeful wishes, but by the practical, useful input provided by current and future users.

You can take part in the process to create better, safer transportation networks by completing our survey on micromobility preferences, adding data to the Downtown/Midtown network map, or simply contacting City Staff to talk about transportation. Go to to learn more about our efforts.

 Take the survey by clicking here. Add your comments to the Downtown/Midtown network may by clicking here. For those who would like to participate but have limited or no internet access, use our Public Works Micromobility telephone number: 210-207-7228.


Jana Wentzel is a Senior Transportation Planner on the Active Transportation team, focusing on Anything But Cars (ABC) planning. While biking, walking, bussing, and driving, she always has the goals of Vision Zero in mind so she can make the city safer for everyone.

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Author: Joe Conger (PWD)

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